Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wardobe grants are a thing, right?


The only outfit that looks good anymore is the same one in all your promo photos, youtube videos, live shots...

A word from a beardy man


You tell a gal you like her dress and you would totally wear a dress like that in your size and everyone thinks you're kidding.

We need a bigger hotel.


It takes longer than a three floor elevator ride to work up the courage to flirt.



You have no idea how to contact your crush post-conference/festival without calling their agent.

Should have learned the mandolin or uke.


You've found the prettiest shirt ever, but your giant guitar is hiding it.

I'm good, Get over it


If one more person says "you're a female bass player?"  ...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Might start grabbing strangers


The days following your favorite festival/conference/tour  "why is no one hugging me right now?!"

Eyes front soldier


The guy on sound is way more into the waitress than your mix.

Spot vs gels


How many pretty scarves can I bring to this gig? Is someone doing lighting?

Bring it just in case


You're going to a pot luck... should you bring your hummus?