Thursday, March 19, 2015

More confessional

Sometimes Thursday confessionals need a little more set up than I'm willing to write in a status box on Facebook.

Wednesday last week I was a judge at a science fair hosted by a local elementary school. Who doesn't love little kids' projects? One kid walked up to me and said "mine's supposed to be messy- it's a project about the moon... things aren't really clean there".

We were put into pairs to do the judging. When I arrived I noticed a young guy in the corner playing chess with another young guy, They looked a little too old to be at the school, so I figured they'd graduated and had just come back to help with the science fair. They didn't even look up as the rest of the judges started to file into the room. I recognized him as the child of an old acquaintance and had a vague memory of him going to the school. But  I got a little confused when he was sent to a classroom to get something and wondered if maybe he'd been kept back a year- maybe the peach fuzz beard he was sporting was the sign of an early bloomer? There were some other grade 8s his height in town with the same attempts at facial hair. I didn't think much more of it till we were partnered to judge the projects.

me: Hey (name protected to prevent further embarrassment) How are you?! I haven't seen you in such a long time.. you're... not ... still going to school here are you?

young lad: Um. No.

me: ok... yeah.. uh- (I'm cut off)

young lad: I graduated.  Last year.  From college.

me: I think I've stepped into a time warp/worm hole or something.
(back peddling frantically)
um... I think I just forgot 12 years of my life have passed. Do you even remember me?

young lad:  No.

me: yeah... you were probably 8 or 10 the last time I saw you.

young lad: That was probably 12 or 14 years ago.

me: so... science fair projects?

young lad: yeah.... 

Sunday, March 08, 2015


I have a dear group of friends that I see nearly every week- we head to a pub together, or more recently as we're all trying to save money, we head to one another's homes and pretend we're in a pub.

One of our members is a writer. A real one. Published and stuff. 
When he moved to our tiny town he started writing some poems about the quirks of Northumberland. One of those quirks/poems?  Everyone owns a dog.
Our pub group?

All but one of us owns a dog. 

Last week things got a little weird when one of us declared that we should put all the collars into a bowl and pick one out- whichever collar you got was the dog that you'd take home.

wait a second.... 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More sleep woes

More on the early alarm clock anxiety. ..

I've been really careful in the evening leading up to a day shift, no caffeine, limited screen time, physical activity, dim lights... last night I was drowsy by 10:30, and after combat rolling into bed I was sound asleep in just minutes.

I woke up so refreshed.

I was ready to hop out of bed without looking at the time, so rested I planned on using my extra few minutes before my alarm clock by braving the cold with the dogs.

I swung my feet to the floor and glanced at the clock.

And cried.


*I saw the clock at least 5 more times at randomly staggered points throughout the night. I think I need to start taking something.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

But this one sounds awesome.

This is not an anti-Valentine's post, and it's not driven by the mid-february hormones.
I have a friend who is single. .. like for the first time since I've known her. She's been in and out of relationships with no pause between for years.
Oh my gosh, she is the worst person to be near right now.
Each guy she meets is "the one". She bends her interests to fit what she thinks they like.
Seriously, this isn't what people want in a relationship!  Is it? Have I got this all wrong again?
I think the reason this is bugging me right now isn't because of the hyper-awareness around Valentine's but because she's been listing off the qualities, interests and hobbies of the most current potential beau ... she should probably skip him-  he's like the opposite of everything she likes in life... skip him and for heaven's sake just introduce him to me already! I don't see this lasting.

Monday, February 09, 2015


I'm not sure that I made any real resolutions for this year... beyond "gin and tonic", but I did have some intentions. The first is to learn by heart something each month. Oops.
Missed January already.

The second was to read 2 -3 books each month. I'm good on that one. However, january's book number three should have been done ages ago. Book number three doesn't want to be read. Something is crazy with the spine of this book. I can't hold it open single handedly. .. It's a two hand jobby. And when I forget (every paragraph or so) and my hand slips or moves,  it slaps shut. Now it's a week into February and this tiny book is still giving me grief.

I keep looking around for the candid camera folks.

Friday, February 06, 2015

The aged

So I was watching a teen flick yesterday.  Based on a teen novel, two young cancer fighters fall in love, do inspiring things like... fall in love.
And die.

This is usually the sort of film that tears me to pieces. I'm left a weepy heap.

Nope. Not this time.

The mother was played by an actress I've seen for years playing the motherly role, she'd be 15 years my senior... but then...

There was the dad.

There's no way he was older than me.

Yeah, he had grey at his temples and in his beard.... but HE WAS MY AGE.
I AM THE SAME AGE AS THE PARENTS IN TEEN MOVIES NOW!!!  I've been "sitcom mom" age for about 10 years now... but this... this is a painful realization.

Weepy heap.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

In the sky

I have a very tall bed.
It's higher than my hips with the box spring frame in the mix. I remember the day I bought my new mattress and box spring... setting it into the bed frame where there'd been plywood for as long as I'd been the bed's owner.

The bed belonged to my Grandma R, my mom's mom. For some lucky and unknown reason she left me her bedroom set. I only wanted the plant stand (now long gone to the bluebox on a day that I needed  to purge my belongings), and I think there were some tensions from the other older cousins that mom shielded me from when it was announced. Maybe the long suffering return on being named after grandpa?

When I placed the mattress on top of the box spring and saw the bed's height I was transported in time to her home, being too little to even get onto her bed without assistance, the awe I felt looking down at the floor from my high perch.

I think of those times and the visits to grandma's place nearly every night that I climb into my bed. Some nights I give a little hop and swing into bed, but most nights I tuck my shoulder in and combat roll myself into place. My high perched pillows.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Is it moving day?

So.. my blogger account goes back to pre-google take-over days (coming up on eleven years of online babble). And yet somehow I've managed to keep it seperate from a google account. However, now I can't open it on my computer because my computer always wants to be signed in to some google account or another. I'm limited to posting from my phone.

I've discovered that I can transfer the blog over to a google account, but I'll lose any photos attached to it. Not so big a deal as with google's take over of Flickr (yet another account I've had since pre-google days and yet another random seperate account that I can't sign into) I lost my photos from the early blogging days (you know... back when you couldn't upload via Blogger).

I'm trying to decide if it's worth it. Is it time to start a new blog (oh dear God I hope not)? Is it time to make the migration?
Will I be able to figure out how to migrate my youtube and my itunes too?

Google. why are you making life so dificult for me?

Stupid first world problems.
Remember when my biggest online problems were whether the loofa sponge plants would get too big and pull down the phone lines in Togo?

Friday, January 30, 2015

Outdoor skate rinks and other memories

Weird things happen to me.

Usually they are dream related, but sometimes the waking world coincidences are so incredible, I can barely believe they're true.

Like the time I walked past a little side street, and without ever walking down it to check it out, said to myself "I'll probably live there". I bought my house on that street 3 months later.

Last week was one of those weeks, filled with both waking and dreaming weirdness. First there was the dream where I went to visit my friend in Australia. I brought my dishwasher with me and spent most of the dream trying to install the stupid thing. Only to discover the next morning when I opened my bedroom door and was hit with a lovely cloud of steam, that the dishwasher had broken and gotten stuck on "heat water" for the 8 hours while I slept.

Two nights later I dreamt that my cousin was trying to get my friends hooked on drugs. He gave me antihistamines.  When I woke up I used nearly half a box of Kleenex because I couldn't stop sneezing.

But the one that was reveled to me just the other day has left me... just... huh.

Last week I drove past a tiny street in my home town... twice. I never notice the street usually. Both times I turned to the person who was with me and asked them about a rink on the street. In my head both times I thought about an old man who used to live near there. He was stuck in my head for the rest of the week, I even told someone at work about how he had the whole youth group over for chocolate cake one time, how even in his eighties, he always took the time to check in with the teens.
I was sad thinking about him all week. I wondered when his funeral had been. When I was 16 he was frail but living on his own.I wondered who had gone to his funeral, and thought a lot about the community I'd been part of 20 years before.

Fast forward to this week's Wednesday night dinner.

A girl I've known since my youth group days comes up to me and starts chatting. She tells me that our old pastor had been in town and catches me up on all the news of their grand babies etc. Then she stops, looks very seriously at me and says "they were in town to do a funeral for Jim". I was in shock, their son in law had passed away and I hadn't heard about it? He's just a few years older than I am.... she looks at me and says "no, Jim Maidment... he was 102".

Really, it's left me wondering if maybe I had super powers last week and didn't  know it.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday confessionals

Sometimes Thursday confessionals get railroaded by my favourite ginger.

Me (a la confessional):

Last week I invited a friend over to my house. They'd never been to my place before.  When they showed up they were laughing. "I didn't actually have your address, but i figured it out".  I looked at them in confusion ... they responded "really? Have you seen your house? It's your house."

I took it as a huge compliment.

Other things people have said in the past month that I've decided to embrace as compliments: I saw this weird thing the other day and totally thought of you. You are kinda eccentric.  You're too much woman for me. You do a lot of strange things [activities]. (And my favourite) I had no idea you were so interesting.

My ginger: I gave up trying to describe you long ago - there's a completely different facet of you shining every time I see you!  (The Amish Dominatrix phase was a little intimidating, but what the heck - it's all part of the marvelous package that is you!)

Me: Who says that was a phase?

My ginger: "I shall smiteth thou repeatedly, thou dirty, dirty boy."

Me: Now you've given away next week's confessional!